New version 1.1.0 supporting Large Object Replication available in the download section.(requires PostgreSQL 7.1.x)
Please read README file in pgreplica directory.

Large Object replication support
Referential Integrity support by disable/reenable RI on replicated tables during table updating
New utilities doMaster.tcl, doSlave.tcl, rollback.tcl, rollfwd.tcl
User replicator is alerted via e-mail when synchronization fails
Both scp / rcp remote copy command support
Startup script for Debian (by Kain)
New createdbr script using createlang command (Thanks to Kain)
New utility reparedbrdir to check and repare replica directory structure
Improved pgr -list feature including list of Replica Locked databases

Bug Fixes
Fixed quoting values for relations and attributes names in most part of pgReplicator source code (Thanks to Kain)
Fixed delete trigger function (d_func.sql)
Fixed pgrdVar($dbname,lock) bug in dp_protocol.tcl (Thanks to Dean)
Fixed 'puts "Done"' in resolver algorithms (Thanks to Dean)
Fixed 'null value vs null string' in queryEngine.tcl
Fixed pgr -list errors when rbase directory is empty


New utility reparedbrdir to repare pgReplicator directory structure here :
gunzip it into pgreplica/bin/utilities directory,
then simply


New tutorial on Conflict Resolution Algorithms


New tutorial on Data Ownership Models


New version tested with PostgreSQL-7.1.2:

Bug Fixes
Fixed rcp error detection in sendData procedure in propagation.tcl
Fixed creation of parent directory using mkdir -p -m 770 ... in initdbr
Fixed pgrd FAILED in pgrd startup script at boot time
Fixed '[: too many arguments' error in pgrd startup script
Fixed 'su -l replicator...' command in pgrd startup script

New dinamic index on auxiliary tables
New create/drop index on pgr_grid attribute of replicated table
New feature 'pgr -list' to list replicated databases


Added “Other Stuff” page containing some stuff that can help you to manage your (eventually replicated :-) databases


Added some tips on compiling Tcl-dp in the FAQ section


PostgreSQL Replicator site published. - First public release.